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The official SCRAP METAL teaser trailer is out! Composer Dario Rodighiero on board for the score

Richard Keane and Darko Mitev with Out Left Productions announce the 2023 official release of the action futuristic animated short film SCRAP METAL, presenting its first teaser trailer, with the music by Composer Dario Rodighiero, that is also in charge of the score for the film.

This special short is realized, by using the latest motion capture technology from Perception Neuron and exploring the integration of the Unreal Engine with our pre-existing Maya pipeline to create a feature-quality short.

In the advanced city of Scrapton, Sybil embarks on a thrilling chase, facing off against surveillance drones, encountering lively characters, and confronting a powerful Robot. With captivating chase sequences and a climactic showdown, this animated short film explores the triumph of the human spirit in a futuristic world. Brace yourself for an adrenaline-fueled journey in "Scrap Metal."



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