"Music is a wonderful language.
Sometimes music can tell you stories that regular words can't"
Dario Rodighiero

A Milan-born, Dublin-dwelling improviser, pianist, keyboardist and composer Dario Rodighiero is a versatile musician. He left Italy in 2014 to pursue his music career in Dublin, where he performs in live shows, regularly collaborates with a wide range of artists, and composes soundtracks and scores for films.

He began learning to play the piano when he was 8, initially with a private teacher and subsequently on his own.

From age 17, he started joining bands and collaborating with other musicians. At 19, he performed for the first time with jazz ensembles, which introduced him to the world of jazz music. He has since written arrangements for studio recordings of albums and singles while also performing in the recordings as a keyboard player. The main aspect of each of his performances is improvisation. Many of his recordings are in fact made of piano improvisations for the most part.

After moving to Dublin in 2014, Dario started his own musical project by founding Miss Phoenix and the Jaffa Cakes a trio that makes retro swing versions of modern pop songs. He is also a keyboard player in two other Dublin-based bands.

He arranged, recorded and performed several singles in London for Ciara Donnelly, talented Irish singer and songwriter.

Passionate about films, Dario found his true vocation when he started composing film scores. He collaborated with the Irish director Cathal Feeney as well as other film producers and directors in Ireland. Recently, several of the movies he scored have been selected for film festivals and competitions.

Music for a Star Wars documentary "The Millennium Fandom - Italian Fandom Documentary" edited and directed by the italian director Luca Occhi and Eyes Production. - Italy.

Music for a single track "Paranormal Eve" of the new K DeBridge (italian rapper and songwriter) album "Craven Road" - Italy.

Scoring for "Noah's wish" written and directed by Annie Hopkins and produced by Marco Augelli, winner at CKF International Film Festival June 2018 - London UK.

Soundtrack for "A decent proposal" written and directed by Cathal Feeney (music - "The Ring" by Dario Rodighiero on music section)

Scoring for "A Christmas to remember" directed by Maria Fiorentini, written by Cathal Feeney, produced by Snugboro films, selected for the 9th Underground Cinema Film Festival 2018.