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Coming soon: SUIT HUNG TIED TONGUE, the new film by Sau Dachi, with music by Dario Rodighiero.

'Suit Hung. Tied Tongue.' tells the visceral tale of two Dublin brothers who become slowly and anarchically radicalized. And whose actions cause national outrage.

More info about the film and the production will be shared soon in this and other Blogs.

Written & Directed by Sau Dachi Starring Paul St Leger, Alex Eydt, William Morgan, Gerry Cannon, Rosey Hayes, Mary Elizabeth Sheehan, Tara Devitt, George Bracebridge, Theresa O'Connor, Freda King, Eoin Quinn, Paul Murphy, Helena McInerney, Michael Woods, John Sweeney, Baz Black, Sadhbh LC, Ian Anthony, Sandra Hayden Mason, Paul Sparkes, Ronan O' Leary, Austin Grehan, Aidan O'Sullivan, Charlotte Keating, Zac Goold, Craig Leinster, Corey Joesph, Stephen Mc Clean, Conor Sheehan and more.

Follow the Official SUIT HUNG TIED TONGUE page on Facebook for premiere and screening dates/locations updates:

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