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“Navigavia – Lei attende” – NOMINATED AT THE 65TH GRAMMY AWARDS

Oct 4, 2022

"Velasquez and the Bards" goes to the Grammys with one of their pirate's soundtracks

“Navigavia – Lei attende” written and performed by Velasquez, Dario Rodighiero and Salvatore Pagliaro is candidated for a Nomination as Best Arrangement, Instruments and Vocals at the 65th GRAMMY.

This song is part of the soundtrack created for the GDR campaign “Navigavia” by “InnTale”, the most followed YouTube channel in Italy in RPG.

The song is currently being promoted on socials using the hashtags #ForYourConsideration and #FYC, along with consistent support from InnTale fan groups.

This unexpected shortlist for a Grammy is the first one for this group, which has started working together only in 2022.

“Navigavia – Lei attende” is a funeral shanty song, played for the dramatic death of one of the character of the GDR. It sounds like a Viking song and a Pirate Shanty, and the lyrics seem like e poem for the Death who awaits his sons and daughters.

In the context of the story of Navigavia, a fantasy world where pirates have powers and music is an instrument for create magic, this song is a reminder for every man who takes the sea: she (the Death) is always awating like a mother.

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